WFOE has a successful day at PSAD


Wandsworth Friends of the Earth group had a successful and enjoyable day at the Friends of Putney School of Art Christmas Fair on Sunday December 2. We set up on Saturday evening and there was a short public viewing of the fair before the PSAD Christmas party in the evening.

On Sunday from 10 until five the stall was continuously manned and many interesting conversations developed. It was a great atmosphere and there were many sympathetic visitors. We were particularly pleased that new group members Pierangela Sabbattini and James Banks came along and were soon engaging visitors to the fair with WFOE messages!


The theme of the stall was twofold, “Art and the environment; is there a synergy?” and “Single use plastics; do we need them?”. The aim was to develop conversations and try to encourage people to at least join our mailing list for group news. Thanks are due also to Mike and Suzie for helping out both with the setting up of the stall and with manning it on both Saturday and Sunday.


I think it’s true to say that the occasion was quite convivial. There was a good atmosphere at the fair and we managed to get a lot of people to contribute their thoughts on the theme topics using post-it notes. Lucky contributors got ‘free from’ cookies!

The post-it boards are included below and show a wide range of ideas.



About foewandsworth

Wandsworth Friends of the Earth is a local volunteer group concerned with improving the environment we live in. We campaign locally for improvements to local council policy surrounding transport, housing and renewable energy generation. We also do outreach work within the borough to improve residents knowledge of environmental issues and to enable them to reduce their own carbon footprint. You don't have to be a member to come along to our monthly meetings, all you need do is let us know you want to come along and we'll be sure that there is someone to greet you... we're a friendly group and new people quickly feel at home regardless of experience, ability or background.
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