The new message from WFOE


WFOE has produced a new flyer which is aimed at getting across a potent message as well as being a part of our recruitment drive.

The leaflet is intended both to trigger conversations about the environment and gently offer suggestions for people to take up–and of course, try to persuade people to join Wandsworth Friends of the Earth. The drivers behind the flyer are as follows:

1) we are facing a huge threat to our quality-of-life, the natural world and our living environment due to climate change and over use and irresponsible exploitation of natural resources.

2) with the recent IPCC and WWF reports and indeed the report on Climate Change impacts from the US Environment Department, the scale of the pending calamity and the urgent need to change very substantially our lifestyle, economy, governance and industry is clear to all, it seems except politicians in a world that, in fear, is turning to the political right and deep denial. David Attenborough’s impassioned speech to the Katowice Climate Change Conference attests to the urgent need for action.

2) while the UK Government (essentially in the guise of Michael Gove) talks a lot about environmental concerns they continue to take actions that support environmentally damaging development, such as HS2, a massive roadbuilding programme, fracking, a third runway at Heathrow, Hinckley Point C etc.

3) it seems both government and the public are content with “picking at the edges” rather than taking potent action, which might be uncomfortable.

4) the leaflet, however, suggests that we all have power to try and change events and to secure a richer future. It offers a bad news/good news message. . .

Leaflets are available for distribution by group members, so if you would like some just contact Terry Brown at

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