WFOE Coordinator’s Statement, September 2018


We have have had problems with our last two meetings, which means that the last ‘coherent’ meeting was in March this year. The May meeting was totally disrupted due to noise in the room at the Old Sergeant and the July meeting was abandoned due to lack of attendees. Also, for some time now, attendance at meetings has been minimal and with group members having other commitments, there is not much capacity within the group to get things done. In honesty WFOE has become a bit of a talking shop, with little action resulting from the group discussions at meetings. I believe that FoE is a campaigning organisation and I conclude that more focus is required in our group.  Continue reading

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A fresh start to 2018

a matrix comparing campaign topics with types of activity and goals

Wandsworth Friends of the Earth focus for 2018

At our first meeting in 2018,Wandsworth Friends of the Earth decided on a fresh start. Using an uncompleted version of the matrix above, we looked at the current eight campaigning topics promoted on the National Friends of the Earth website and compared these with types of activity that we might embark on as well as the goals of those activities. In discussion we decided to focus on three areas: “help nature”, “eat well” and “use less stuff”. We retain an interest in the “dirty energy” topic. We considered these focus areas to be the most appropriate for our location and capacities as well as one’s that other campaigning groups are giving less attention to. You can read more about our thought process in our January meeting note.

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Only two responses to WFOE letter to Candidates

On May 25th we wrote to four candidates at each of our Wandsworth parliamentary constituencies. For Battersea, Putney and Tooting we wrote to the conservative, labour, liberal democrat and green party candidates. Our letter, of which you can read a typical example here FOE_Ellison02017-0524, poses questions about the environment both nationally and locally. Continue reading

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August WFOE meeting held alfresco!

On August 17 our group meeting was held on Susie’s and Mike’s allotment and started with a short “tour” of the allotment where they grow a good proportion of the vegetables they need. We were blessed with a perfect evening for an alfresco meeting that was convened in the allotments’ ‘communal seating area’. Members of the group thanked Susie & Mike for hosting the event and treating us to some wonderful food including freshly home baked focaccia bread.

picture of WFOE group on the allotment

Terry, Lynne, Susie, Mike and Stuart on the allotment

Continue reading

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WFOE Letter to Tooting By-election Candidates

A letter was sent personally addressed to three of the Tooting by-election candidates– Dr Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour), Dan Watkins (Conservative) and Esther Obiri-Darko (Green Party). So far we have received two replies (from Ms Obiri-Darko and from Dr Rosena Allin-Khan) and we publish them as well. We could not find suitable contact details for other candidates in time.

We questioned the candidates on their stance on the following issues:

Climate Change

Air Quality & Pollution

Third Runway at Heathrow

Green Space in our Borough

You can read our letter in full HERE together with the Green Party response

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The Next WFOE Meeting is on July 20


Due to difficulties with fixing a date for June, the next Wandsworth Friends of the Earth Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday July 20. Please make a note in your diary!

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The next WFOE Meeting is on May 18


The next meeting of Wandsworth Friends of the Earth will take place at the Spread Eagle on Wednesday May 18 at 19:30 hours. All are welcome to come and join us.

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