The Group

Wandsworth Friends of the Earth is a local volunteer group concerned with improving the environment we live in. We campaign locally for improvements to local council policy surrounding transport, air-quality, public open space, housing and renewable energy generation. We also aim to do outreach work within the borough to improve residents knowledge of environmental issues and to enable them to reduce their own carbon footprint.

You don’t have to be a member to come along to our monthly meetings, all you need do is let us know you want to come along and we’ll be sure that there is someone to greet you… we’re a friendly group and hope that new people will quickly feel at home, regardless of experience, ability or background.

At the AGM held in February 2015 it was agreed that Terry Brown would take over as Group coordinator. Terry had been a member of the group for about two years prior to this. He is a retired chartered architect with a deep interest in nature, climate change and deep ecology.

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