WFOE Tree Walk, Saturday June 12

Kim Boyd organised a delightful and informative tree walk for WFOE on Saturday 12th June.

Kim said “We were an 11-strong group on the Barnes to Battersea tree walk, which was blessed with beautiful sunshine. It was a great opportunity to talk to people in real life, to get to know each other a bit better, and to share ideas, information and lore as we walked – and picnicked. It was brilliant to have four Wandsworth Tree Wardens in our number – I hope we can meet up with them again before too long.”

“Thanks to Paul Wood for this exquisite walk (it’s in his “London Tree Walks” book). Some selected highlights (for me anyway) were:

  • The deodar cedar (from the western Himalayas) in Barnes Common – we talked a bit about how timber from the deodar was used for building barracks in the British Empire in India.
  • The majestic London planes on the embankment alongside Bishop’s Park in Fulham, followed by the lovely pollarded planes in Bell’s Alley.
  • The black poplar we found in Battersea Park – a throw-back to the river’s pre-embankment era.”

The group thoroughly enjoyed the walk that demonstrated the importance of trees in our urban environment and drew attention to features and species that might otherwise escape attention.

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