An informal walk in King George’s Park on October 23

A small group from Wandsworth Friends of the Earth made an informal circuit of King George’s Park to look around and discover the many different environments the park includes. Debbie, Joe and Melanie accompanied Terry on the walk and we aimed, amongst other things, to find some veteran trees.

The park is very well used, particularly at its northern end and it is not surprising that the largest areas are devoted to games pitches with level areas of mown grass. There are other types of open space where much vegetation grows, including a reserved wild area towards the southern end, allotments nearby, formal gardens and an abandoned bowling green towards the north and areas of hard paved and enclosed tennis courts.

The river Wandle runs along a good length of the eastern boundary and is fenced off with metal railings, which in some areas enclose quite extensive areas of trees, shrubs and wild plants that benefit from segregation from human access. It would be good to be able to get closer to the river in a limited area though. We spotted lots of interesting things and found it good to share our thoughts and benefit from things that were individually noticed and pointed out to the group.

We will look forward to William’s guided walk in the new year and may also make other ‘study’ visits


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