Climate Change: Where do we go from Here? a talk by Dr Stuart Oliver

The Climate Change talk was arranged as Wandsworth Friends of the Earth’s contribution to the Wandle Fortnight. Stuart Oliver, who is Senior Lecturer in Geography at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, has been a long-term member of Wandsworth Friends of the Earth as well as a past coordinator.

The talk aimed to look at the problem of climate change, what it is likely to mean for the Wandle Valley, and what we can do to soften its impacts. Stuart lead us through the basics of climate change, relating it to his own work and our locality and with a degree of wry humour pointed out some of the ambiguities and paradoxes of the various standpoints within the ‘culture’ of climate change.

The more provocative slides prompted a lively debate and the whole event raised some interesting questions about our attitudes to climate change and how we might communicate the need to address the crisis to neighbours, colleagues and the world at large.

Attendance was perhaps less than hoped for, but we had less time than might ideally have been available to publicise the talk.

As it was we had a small but distinguished audience with well informed participants and this ensured a lively debate following Stuart’s talk. There is a video of the talk, which took place on Wednesday September 22, which you may obtain a copy of by contacting Terry Brown via

The slides from the lecture may be found here:

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