WFOE develops Campaign_Activities schedule & opens Google Drive for useful documents

Wandsworth Friends of the Earth continues to work with the Campaign_Activity Schedule which allows group members to focus on an activity plan. We have also initiated a “Google Drive” space where important documents can be saved in correct folders. You can access the Google Drive by joining the group. If you’re not already a member, please apply via the contact page on the website: contact form.

Here are some tips on reading and using the schedule:

The essential aim of the spreadsheet is to focus on working towards ‘visible’  group campaigning activities. This is, after all, the central purpose of Friends of the Earth and Wandsworth Friends of the Earth as well. 
I realise that such documents can appear rather daunting and bureaucratic, but it does offer a way of ensuring that we are working towards group action.

You don’t need to take on board the whole document and it’s possible just to focus on the activity stream or streams that most interest you, or that you coordinate. If you wanted to introduce some new material into one of the activity streams or start a new activity stream (within the three focus areas), then you can use the Activity_Stream_Single spreadsheet which you can access as a group member.

The meaning of the schedule headings, as follows:

(0) TOPIC & PRIORITY: this column identifies the main focus areas that we agreed to take up in earlier discussions in the order of priority agreed. A Urban Greening; B Climate Change; C Single Use Plastic. I really do think we should continue to focus on this set of issues.

(0A)  Brief description of issue: as it suggests, simply expands on the headings in the previous column to give an indication of the scope of the activity stream groups.

(1) Specific Activity Focus [Activity Streams]: is where we break down into specific, trackable Activity Streams falling within the main topics, which again we would quite like to keep to, but remain open to additions and variants.
Potential activities and targets: the next six columns aim to identify a comprehensive range of possible activities that might be taken up within the activity stream. The group members promoting the activity stream can choose to indicate here which activities they feel they can embark on that are most appropriate to the focus of the activity stream as a whole and in particular as set out in the goals & objectives (see below):

(2) Own Actions: any activities you may wish to pursue individually that you would lioke to share with the group

(3) WFOE group direct action: Might include street stall/presence; leaflet distribution; walks and other public space initiatives; collaboration with other groups; attending/supporting marches, protests etc.

(4) Raise public awareness: any group activity specifically aimed at raising public awareness of climate & ecological issues

(5) Lobby institutions, corporations & industry: any form of lobbying, either ‘face to face’ or via email etc. Includes the retail sector

(6) Lobby Local Government WANDSWORTH & LONON: any form of lobbying of Local Government: WBC, GLA and Mayor 

(7) Lobby Central Government PARLIAMENT & WANDSWORTH MPs: lobbying specifically related to issues that are locally relevant

(8) Goals & Objectives: description of what it is we hope to achieve by the campaigning. e.g. reduction in fossil fuel vehicles on Wandsworth roads; conservation of allotments etc.

(9) History & Necessary Research: originally this column was added to identify any research needed to support the campaign, either to develop expertise or fully understand the subject area. I have also now added to this the opportunity to record any history of earlier campaigns relevant to this activity stream.

(10) Other Interested/Active Parties: where appropriate, to identify other parties for potential collaboration.

(11) State: considering, active or completed: this is an important column which identifies the state reached with the activity stream and the current level of activity.

(12) Action Lead: each activity stream should have a leader/coordinator from the group who will coordinate any group activity and they would be identified in this column. You may choose to identify yourself!
Well there are quite a lot of headings and Colonsay, I do believe that they are all relevant to focusing on action. 

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