WFOE embarks on more focussed agenda

Wandsworth Friends of the Earth intends to become more active and is developing thoughts for campaigning activity using a ‘Schedule of Potential Activities’ spreadsheet. This allows actions to be monitored without trawling through long meeting minutes.

It is hoped that it will be an anchor for the group and result in more visible action. While this is difficult during a COVID-19 lockdown, the spreadsheet identifies many kinds of action not all of which require face-to-face or street-based activity. We chose three priority points of focus, Urban Greening, Climate Change and Single Use Plastics. And within these broad areas we have identified what we call “activity streams” which focus on particular issues and how these might be developed. We aim for a local approach and achievable goals.

For larger version of spreadsheet go to

3 thoughts on “WFOE embarks on more focussed agenda

  1. Hi there, Thanks very much for this, The beautiful timetable. Howerve it  cannot be enlarged. I have glasses but it is too blurry to see! The Awful truth is that you need to make the timetable in a programme that you can enlarge not just do it do a screen shot and its not enlargeable! The coloured writing is also dificult to read.Bold black is best for all members to read. Please could you make it enlargeable? Or I cant actually read it, sorry! Many apologies, Very Best regards,  Imogen Milward.

    1. Hello Warre. You are absolutely right the graphic is a bit small, but I only wanted to make a quick newsy item on the blog to draw attention to the fact that we are moving forward as a group. I will aim to put an enlarged version on another page on the website shortly. Please be patient!
      WFOE Coordinator

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