Planet friendly food at WFOE late summer picnic!


On September 30, Wandsworth Friends of the Earth gathered in Battersea Park near the pagoda for a planet friendly food picnic. The idea was to meet together in the park to share and sample planet friendly food. It’s very likely that ‘planet friendly’ food is also healthy food and we tucked into mostly vegetarian options that people brought along.

The weather was kind to us with sunshine and passing clouds making for a very comfortable outdoor atmosphere. We had a good turnout and not everybody was from the current WFOE group. Among those not in the group we distributed the WFOE environment flyer. By general agreement, it was a most enjoyable occasion and thanks go to James for coming up with the idea and promoting the event.

It was great to see how city dwellers can share and enjoy space together.  While we were picnicking, we were joined by a group cycling to raise funds for those affected by flooding in Myanmar.  We shared our food with them and sampled theirs, before we all vacated in time for an outdoor dancing session, which also appears to take place at the Pagoda! It is
a very vibrant space indeed!




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