Only two responses to WFOE letter to Candidates

On May 25th we wrote to four candidates at each of our Wandsworth parliamentary constituencies. For Battersea, Putney and Tooting we wrote to the conservative, labour, liberal democrat and green party candidates. Our letter, of which you can read a typical example here FOE_Ellison02017-0524, poses questions about the environment both nationally and locally.

So far, we only received responses from Lois Davis, Green party candidate for Battersea and Justine Greening, conservative party candidate for Putney. You can read their letters here: Lois Davis and Justine Greening.

Friends of the Earth does not align with any political party and so we can make no further comment on either the outcome of our attempt to draw out the environmental concerns of our local parliamentary candidates or the views of those who responded. You must draw your own conclusions.

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